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            ****** Attention Accxx Customers!  Important Information - PLEASE READ! *******

"Do not pay collection agents attempting to collect on the part of Accxx/Virtual Reach for long distance bills for June through August of 2007 - they are attempting to collect on an improper debt. You were a victim of Slamming under Federal Communication Commission Rules, 47 CFR Ch. 1, Section 64.1160, where your long distance was changed without your permission and you were charged for calls by the unauthorized provider, Accxx/Virtual Reach. Since the change was an unauthorized slamming, according to the rules of the FCC and your state Public Service Commission, you do not owe these amounts. Please warn the collection agency they may be a party to illegal slamming and to confirm the standing of the original debt."

Accxx Communications sold their customer base to Telrite Communications in June, 2006. If you would like to sign up for service through Telrite Communications, please click here.

No Monthly Fees      No Minimums      6-second billing

Switch to Telrite Long Distance today and get rates as low as 3.99¢* per minute for all your state-to-state calls to any of the other 47 continental United States (outside your state), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Telrite, there are no monthly fees for online billing, and no minimums. All calls are billed in 6 second increments after the first 18 seconds. Check out our low in-state and international rates.

*Rates may vary depending on your local telephone company. See our sign-up page for exact pricing information in your area.

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